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BHP Survey Tool

Are you looking for an efficient way to process the pressure and temperature survey data that you get from wireline service companies? If your answer is yes, then try using Bottom Hole Pressure (BHP) Survey Tool, a new software productivity application. Versions are available for Windows 9x/NT 4.0/2000/XP.

The ideas behind the development of BHP Survey Tool came from within the oil industry. This tool was developed to fill a specific need, the need to process numerous downhole surveys that are created daily by wireline companies and to process these surveys in a quick, efficient, and effortless manner.

BHP Survey Tool is designed to create useful survey data for gas-lift surveillance. It is a utility program that can be used in conjunction with the WinGLUE application (Gas Lift Users Environment) and can easily be extended to support other programs.

BHP Survey Tool can read the survey data files that are produced by several different wireline service companies and reduce the data into meaningful flowing,  static, and build-up curve information for interpretation and reporting. Getting this data into the surveillance process is easy because the saved data files from BHP Survey Tool can be loaded directly into WinGLUE.

BHP Survey Tool is conveniently package for download with WinGLUE and can be installed with or without the WinGLUE application.

Download BHP Survey Tool Demo
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