Gas Lift Software: Analysis + Evaluation + Design + Optimization   =   Surveillance

WinGLUE®Gas Lift User Environment for Windows
  • Gas Lift Software!
  • Analyze wells in search of hidden inefficiencies!
  • Evaluate the impact of correcting problems!
  • Design new wells and improvements for problem wells!
  • Optimize the distribution of lift gas to a well or to a field!
  • Increase profitability!
WinGLUE® is a powerful, ground-breaking gas-lift well surveillance software tool, developed and field-proven by AppSmiths and Shell over the last 18 years. This tool is now available commercially for the first time. Learn more about it using the links below:

Development of WinGLUE® is an on-going process.  The following web pages provide information on WinGLUE® development plans, WinGLUE® development specifications, WinGLUE® development status, and WinGLUE® marketing.  This information is restricted and may only be viewed by those who have the necessary log-in name and password.  If you would be interested in supporting the development of WinGLUE®, we will be happy to discuss the benefits and costs with you.